Statement by the Chairperson Ms Barbara Malimali of the Electoral Commission
Closing of the EC Induction Workshop
16 August 2023

I rise to thank all Commissioners present here today for availing yourselves of our 3-day workshop. I understand that you all have busy schedules, however, each one of us has been appointed to this high office as a result of our various expertise and experiences, with the confidence that we each will carry out our duties with impartiality and integrity. With that being said, I thank you Commissioners once again for your contributions and questions over the course of our Introductory Workshop.

I also wish to acknowledge our donor partners who have contributed towards this Introductory workshop. Our thanks to MFAT for their continued partnership with the Electoral Commission. And to our sister body, the NZEC who are represented here through our facilitators Deidre Brookes and Karen Beggs, we’d like to acknowledge you for your hard work which can be seen in how you carried this workshop efficiently and effectively, so thank you.

Over the 3 days, we have been able to familiarise ourselves with the various processes of the Electoral Commission and we’ve come to the realisation that there is a huge task ahead of us in terms of legislative reform and review.

Fellow Commissioners, ladies and gentlemen let me finish by saying that you have all worked hard, but in fact, the real work only starts now. This is the beginning of our concerted efforts to work together with our partners to support the capacity needs of this Commission, which will ultimately serve the needs of our people.

Thank You.
Vinaka Vakalevu