An Induction Workshop for members of the Electoral Commission (EC) started today.

In opening the Workshop, EC Chairperson Barbara Malimali welcomed the members and stated that the Commission now had the full complement of Commissioners, with the appointment of Dr. Atu Emberson-Bain.

In addition, Ms. Malimali also emphasised the important role the EC had ahead of them.

“As EC members, it is crucial that we align ourselves to our roles stipulated under Section 75 of the Constitution. Hence, I am confident that over the course of this Workshop, we will be able to do just that,” said Ms. Malimali.

The EC Chairperson added that as appointees of the President of the Republic of Fiji, it was also important to know what their duties were and ensuring that they are executed accordingly.

“Knowing our duties as appointees of the President and seeing that they are implemented accordingly is also important. Therefore, as members of the EC, we are committed to working collectively to best serve the interests of all Fijians,” Ms. Malimali stated.

Ms. Malimali also thanked the New Zealand Electoral Commission (NZEC) for facilitating the Workshop.

“We are truly thankful to the NZEC for facilitating this induction workshop and we look forward to more collaboration in the near future,” said Ms. Malimali.

The Induction Workshop is expected to conclude on Wednesday 16 th August, 2023.