Statement by the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission

Mr Mukesh Nand

Declaration of Results

19/12/22 at 1.00pm 


Fellow members of the Electoral Commission, 

The Supervisor of Elections,

Invited Guests,

Members of the media,

Ladies and gentlemen.

Bula Vinaka and a very warm welcome to you all.

We have received the results from the Supervisor of Elections. We congratulate him and his team for another successful election. 

In accordance with the law, the Electoral Commission[‘EC’] then proceeded to determine the seats that are to be allocated.

Sections 103 to 109 of the Electoral Act, 2014 are the relevant provisions for this process. The total number of votes cast in the 2022 General Election were 473,910 and as such, the threshold is calculated to be 23,696.

Based on the results of the 2022 General Election, the following Political Parties and Independent Candidates met the threshold:

Party Votes
FijiFirst 200,246
The People’s Alliance 168,581
National Federation Party 41,830
SODELPA 24,172

In applying the D’hondt formula to determine the number of seats each Party attained, the Electoral Commission arrived at the following result: 

Party Total Seats 
FijiFirst 26
The People’s Alliance 21
National Federation Party 5

According to the Electoral Act, 2014 the candidates within the Parties that have won the highest votes will be entitled to allocation of seats before those with lower votes. I will now announce the names of the candidates that have been allocated seats for the next Parliament: (*read from table)

Name of Political Party Seat Number Candidate Name
FijiFirst 1 Bainimarama, Josaia Voreqe
The People’s Alliance 2 Rabuka, Sitiveni Ligamamada
FijiFiji  3 Sayed-Khaiyum, Aiyaz
The People’s Alliance 4 Tabuya, Lynda Diseru
FijiFirst 5 Bala, Parveen Kumar
The People’s Alliance 6 Singh, Charan Jeath
FijiFirst 7 Reddy, Mahendra
The People’s Alliance 8 Vosarogo, Filimoni Wainiqolo Rasokisoki
National Federation Party 9 Prasad, Biman Chand
FijiFirst 10 Chand, Hem
The People’s Alliance 11 Kamikamica, Manoa Seru Nakausabaria
FijiFirst 12 Niudamu, Ratu Josaia Bulavakarua
FijiFirst 13 Sharma, Rinesh Rajesh
The People’s Alliance 14 Tuiwailevu, Isikeli
FijiFirst 15 Maharaj, Alvick Avhikrit
Social Democratic Liberal Party 16 Gavoka, Viliame Rogoibulu
The People’s Alliance 17 Vanawalu, Iliesa Sovui
FijiFirst 18 Akbar, Rosy Sofia
The People’s Alliance 19 Turaga, Siromi Dokonivalu
National Federation Party 20 Qereqeretabua, Lenora Salusalu
FijiFirst 21 Nath, Vijay
The People’s Alliance 22 Lalabalavu, Ratu Atonio Rabici
FijiFirst 23 Naivalurua, Ioane
The People’s Alliance 24 Saukuru, Jese
FijiFirst 25 Seruiratu, Inia Batikoto
FijiFirst 26 Kumar, Shalen
The People’s Alliance 27 Vakalalabure, RT Rakuita Solesole Sauramaeva
FijiFirst 28 Koya, Faiyaz Siddiq
The People’s Alliance 29 Nalumisa, Maciu Katamotu
National Federation Party 30 Singh, Agni Deo
FijiFirst 31 Kumar, Premila Devi
The People’s Alliance 32 Vocea, Jovesa Rokuta
FijiFirst 33 Usamate, Jone
Social Democratic Liberal Party 34 Vasu, Ifereimi
The People’s Alliance 35 Tubuna, Sakiusa
FijiFirst 36 Pillay, Viam
The People’s Alliance 37 Rayalu, Vatimi Tidara Tuinasakea Kaunitawake
FijiFirst 38 Kirpal, Sanjay Salend
FijiFirst 39 Nand, Joseph Nitya
The People’s Alliance 40 Tuisawau, Ro Filipe Qaraniqio
National Federation Party 41 Tikoduadua, Pio
FijiFirst 42 Koroilavesau, Semi Tuleca
The People’s Alliance 43 Tunabuna, Tomasi Niuvotu
FijiFirst 44 Waqainabete, Ifereimi
The People’s Alliance 45 Ditoka, Sakiasi Raisevu
FijiFirst 46 Naupoto, Viliame
The People’s Alliance 47 Immanuel, Esrom Yosef
FijiFirst 48 Bia, Aliki
The People’s Alliance 49 Ravu, Kalaveti Vodo
National Federation Party 50 Kiran, Sashi
FijiFirst 51 Tuinaceva, Naisa Tatau
Social Democratic Liberal Party 52 Radrodro, Aseri Masivou
The People’s Alliance Party 53 Bainivalu, Alitia Vakatai Bavou Cirikiyasawa
FijiFirst 54 Bulitavu, Mosese Drecala
FijiFirst 55 Lal, Ketan Kirit

Ladies and gentlemen, the Commission’s next duty is to Return the Writ of Elections to His Excellency the President as stipulated under Section 106 (2) of the Electoral Act, 2014.

On behalf of the Electoral Commission, the Fijian Elections Office and the entire country, I offer congratulations to the candidates that have been elected into Parliament and wish them the best of luck.

Thank you very much and Vinaka Vakalevu.