Electoral Commission approves format for the Provisional Voter Lists

The Electoral Commission [EC] at its virtual meeting today has approved the format for the Provisional Voter List to be distributed to the Turaga-ni-Koros, Advisory Councilors and Political Parties as per Section 40 of the Electoral Act, 2014.

The Supervisor of Elections [SoE] is required under Section 40 of the Electoral Act, 2014 to publish the Provisional Voter List for each Polling Station as approved by the Electoral Commission on or before the 30th of September each year except for an Election year.

For the year 2021, the EC has approved that the format welcomes comments from the Turaga-ni-Koros and Advisory Councilors to verify the names of voters from Polling Stations in their villages or settlements.

The EC has further considered providing the copies of the Provisional Voter Lists to Political Parties. It has approved that the Provisional Voter List for Polling Stations will be given in Electronic copies for free to every registered Political Party in Fiji, so that they are able to peruse the list and provide feedback to the FEO for any corrections or issues they have identified.

The EC considers this as a very important step towards transparency as well as verifiability of the Voter Lists in the next General Election. As such, the EC urges all Political Parties to thoroughly analyze the list and present the FEO with responses so that the list that will be used in the next General Elections, is as accurate as possible.

The Chairman of the Electoral Commission, says that Political Parties are important Stakeholders in the Election and including them in processes such as the verification of the Provisional Voter List will help strengthen cooperation and ensure that information used for the next General Election is accurate and up to date.


Please forward all media queries to the FEO Communications team at communications@feo.org.fj