2018 General Election

Joint Report by The Electoral Commission and Supervisor of Elections

Electoral Commission

2018 Annual Report

Electoral Commission

2017 Annual Report

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The Electoral Commission is constituted as an independent, non-partisan authority that has responsibility for the registration of voters and the conduct of free and fair elections in accordance with written laws governing elections in Fiji.The Electoral Commission is responsible for receipt and returning of the Writ, voter registration and maintenance of the Register of Voters, voter education, candidate registration, settlement of electoral disputes, including disputes relating to or arising from nominations, but excluding election petitions and disputes subsequent to the declaration of election results and monitoring compliance with any written law governing elections and political parties.

The Electoral Commission consists of six [6] Commissioners and a Chairperson all of whom have been appointed for a term of three [3] years by the President on the advice of the Constitutional Offices Commission.

Mr. Suresh Chandra is the current Chairperson. The other six [6] Commissioners are Ms Mere Roden, Ms Margot Marie Jenkins,Ms Selina Lee Wah , Mr Jawahar Lal, Ms Kavita Raniga and Mr Simione Naiduki.

The Supervisor of Elections is the secretary to the Electoral Commission.